Looking for an engaging female speaker for your next conference or event?

Kristine would love to serve you by speaking or leading a workshop for your attendees. Below are our current keynotes and workshops.

"How to Clarify Your Marketing Message"

45 minutes | Keynote

This keynote is specifically targeted to small business owners. Many business owners find it difficult to clearly talk about what they do. Kristine walks you through the key principles every small business owner should know to help clarify their message and watch their business grow.

"How to Clarify Your Marketing Message" & One-Liner Exercise

90 minutes | Keynote & Workshop

This workshop includes the “How to Clarify Your Marketing Message” keynote. In addition, Kristine will lead a 45 minute one-liner exercise, where every attendee will walk away with a clear “elevator pitch” for their business that will engage employees and attract new customers.

"What's Your Story?"

60 minutes | Keynote

In this keynote, targeted to business leaders of all kinds, Kristine talks about how life can be messy and unexpected, yet often times we only share the “good stuff” at the office and with our teams. Kristine challenges that the people we lead expect more from us. She shares how bringing your authentic self to work everyday can ensure you are a leader others want to follow.

Women's Executive Panel

Are you looking for a woman executive to sit on your next panel? With over 20 years experience in the corporate world, Kristine’s experience as a senior executive provides a great perspective to add to your panelists. She is passionate about discussing issues such as leadership, career planning and development, and how women can thrive in the workplace.


Questions? Send us an email at speakinginquiry@forherstory.com


She was so genuine and gave an honest perspective.

 Employee | RaceTrac Petroleum | Atlanta, GA

I enjoyed hearing the background story behind a leader of that caliber. Very interesting to see how she has adapted and flourished throughout her life, not only in business, but in her personal life also.

 Employee | Newell Brands | Chicago, IL

A great way to gain exposure and wisdom from such a successful woman. It was inspiring to hear about her career path while also gaining insight into the character pillars that constantly guide her, such as compassion and respect for others.

 Employee | Newell Brands | Chicago, IL

“…an incredible opportunity for us to learn about leadership, perseverance, and maintaining our passions from a fantastic leader! I personally loved how Kristine shared both her struggles and accomplishments, and gave us very meaningful lessons about the business world. It was an inspiring talk that I will not forget!”

 Employee | Newell Brands | Boca Raton, FL

Kristine was awesome. I appreciated her being down to earth and so authentic in what she had to say.

 Employee | RaceTrac Petroleum | Atlanta, GA

I have organised a number of events that Kristine has spoken at. She is a wonderfully engaging communicator, who brings her passion and purpose in a very human way to energise and engage the audience.

Chris Pote Devote Consultancy | UK
Chris Pote

I thoroughly enjoyed Kristine’s vulnerability. She shared both the successes and mistakes that have helped shape her today. Not only do we need to find our passions, but we must fine-tune them as we grow.

 Employee | Newell Brands | Atlanta, GA

She was so real with us – it was refreshing!

 Employee | RaceTrac Petroleum | Atlanta, GA

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