How Her Story Can Help

Your Customers Will Love Your Brand.

By working with Her Story, you have taken the first step in having a brand that represents who you are with a clear message and can rest assured that your plan will work.

Your Marketing Message


Would you like marketing advice on a regular basis to review your marketing materials and plans? We can set up hourly, monthly coaching calls based on your specific needs. We will have the right Her Story experts on the phone to ensure we are speaking to your challenges or questions.

Develop a One-Liner For Your Business

Many business owners find it difficult to explain what they do in a short concise “elevator pitch.” At Her Story we help you develop an engaging one-liner to be used across your internal and external communications so that you have a consistent message, can engage your team, and attract more customers.

Brand Communication Strategy

Are you struggling to clearly talk about your brand or business? Do you need to clarify your message for your potential customers? Is it important your team rallies around your vision and is using the right brand voice when creating marketing materials and communication?

First and foremost, people are attracted to clarity. Let’s work together to develop a CLEAR marketing message.

Whether it be your company or personal brand we will help you create a clear and compelling message that tells customers exactly why your product or service is something they can’t live without. We can also provide recommendations on the best marketing tactics to ensure your message is seen and converts to sales.

Create a Clear Product Message

Have a new product, but finding it difficult to clearly communicate it’s benefits? Let’s work together to clarify your message and ensure your customer knows how your product can make their life better.

Your Personal Brand

Your Story

Email Campaigns

Are you collecting emails, but don’t have a consistent way to communicate with your customers? Email marketing is NOT dead – it is a proven way to engage your customers and grow sales. We create email campaigns that keep your brand top of mind and ensure you close the sale.

Lead Generators & Sales Funnels

Are you struggling to attract leads and collect email addresses? Not collecting emails at all? We can support you by creating engaging content that will increase your email capture rates and grow your customer base.

Website Wireframe & Design

Is your website in need of a refresh? We can help. We analyze your current site and provide clear recommendations on how to optimize it to ensure it’s working hard for you and converting customers.

Depending on your needs, we can provide wireframe recommendations for your in house developers or we can fully design your site.

Don’t have a website yet? We can do that too!

How To Craft Your

and Live the Story You Want to Tell

You’ve decided it’s time to make a change…for the better. You want a different lifestyle, one that is a culmination of your priorities, your values and what you are good at. You want to do something where you are valued AND adding value to the world around you. In our course, we provide the tools to get started on the path of living the story YOU want to tell. And it all starts with crafting your personal brand.

Meet your instructors

Jen Hogan & Kristine Sickels

MODULE 1: Define Your Values
MODULE 2: How to Shake Your Past
MODULE 3: Craft Your Personal Brand Statement
MODULE 4: How to Bring Your Story to Life
MODULE 5: Finding Your Brand Advocate
MODULE 6: Keep it Going

Her Story A marketing agency by women, for women. We empower women business owners to grow their business and themselves
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