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We help you tell your brand story and grow your business.

At Her Story we get it.

Have you ever worked with marketing agencies that just don’t seem to get you? Us too and it’s exhausting. You’ve probably wondered if there was an agency partner out there that is truly invested in your success and is here FOR you. We know it’s your dream to be a thriving female entrepreneur and its not OK for you to settle by working with partners who haven’t been in your seat. Her Story has been created to change that.

At Her Story we are here FOR you.

You don’t have to do this alone. Her Story was purposely designed by women, FOR women to empower female business leaders to succeed. We aren’t here to be just another agency, but a community invested in your success. We strive to be a partner you can count on. Our curated team of women business leaders collectively have over 100 years of marketing expertise and have worked on an impressive number of successful household and B2B brands across multiple industries such as Calphalon, Goody, Crockpot, Graco, Sharpie, Rubbermaid, and more. We are passionate about marketing and brand building. We are here to help you to launch your new idea, grow your business and brand, and to be the successful female business owner you’ve set out to be.

Our founder, Kristine Sickels thrived as a corporate marketing executive for over 20 years, but recently saw a gap she felt needed to be addressed. When interacting with others in the marketplace, Kristine encountered so many amazing women with fantastic business ideas who are looking to grow their business and amplify their voice; yet many don’t feel they have the resources or advocates available to them to truly bring their vision to life. Kristine is passionate about investing in the future generation of women leaders and created Her Story to be the partner FOR you. Kristine is also a certified StoryBrand guide, which gives you confidence that your message will be clear and developed within a proven framework which has helped thousands of companies grow their sales.

It’s time to stop wondering if your business and marketing plans will really work. The team at Her Story is here to empower you to succeed and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. The process is simple:

Her Story A marketing agency by women, for women. We empower women business owners to grow their business and themselves 

Schedule a FREE consultation with Kristine. Tell her about your business and the challenges you wish to overcome.

Her Story A marketing agency by women, for women. We empower women business owners to grow their business and themselves

Our curated team of female experts will recommend a plan specifically for you and your budget.

Her Story A marketing agency by women, for women. We empower women business owners to grow their business and themselves 

We help you implement the plan and will cheer you on as your business grows.

We know your customers will love your brand. Once you schedule an intro call, you have taken the first step in having a brand that represents who you are with a clear message and can rest assured that your plan will work.

We are dedicated to the success of women business leaders and believe building a brand takes a village. You deserve more than an agency; you deserve a community invested in you and your success. At Her Story we are here to help you experience the joy of a thriving business.

We are excited to get started! Schedule a FREE intro call today.


Because we are committed to helping women business owners, each year we set aside a % of our revenue into the Her Story Foundation. This foundation is created to help under-served women looking to get a fresh start in life through entrepreneurship. We will provide her with the foundational tools needed to get started and seed money to turn her dream into reality. 

We appreciate you being a part of helping other women thrive.

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